I’m Charles Austin

Charles Austin was born in the Republic of Guyana, in South America and is the second oldest in a family of five siblings. He moved to  Canada after high school with one suitcase and $75 in his pocket.  Determined to succeed and create a better life for himself,  he enrolled in engineering school and completed his degree in 2 years.  He worked 37 years as an avionics engineer for Boeing  and as an electronics engineer in the medical industry for Siemens.  Now retired, Charles enjoys  spending the day on his 21ft. Tahoe boat call FORESIGHT – a name he attributes to his innate determination and cautious discipline in creating his life while avoiding  potholes and speed bumps along the way.


What He Enjoys

One of his most enjoyable past-times is studying and learning about nutrition and the healing properties of food.   He enjoys  experimenting with food and different seasonings from Cajun to Indian and Jamaican spices.  This coupled with daily exercise, is where his passion now lies.  He is walking testimony to having to power to create and take charge of one’s own life.

When Charles is not in the kitchen, you will find him either on the golf course,  driving  his corvette , Cranking up the horsepower,  feeling the rumbling beneath his feet and the breeze in his hair, or fishing with friends.


Why Xerveo? 

As an advocate for health care and reducing the number of trips to the hospital for seniors, Charles stands behind the Xerveo mission of promoting HEALTHY LIFESTYLES and products with positive vibrations.


Charles is a man of discipline and perseverance, Never ran with the masses and instead, he chose to play it safe and live his life creating his own path.  He is also the proud father of two children, Christopher and Stephanie, both living in Canada.