on-boat-with-argoRecreation is part of a Balanced Life. Hanging out With Xerveo CEO, Argo K. at Joe Pool Lake.  We ate fried alligator for the first time, but only after Argo insisted…  funny taking food from someone else plate. The weather was a nice 77 degrees.  And the Navigation System says the water was 85 degrees.  

Chris was the pilot for the day. He is my mechanic.  and in his words.  “The boat performed marvelously,no hesitation”. It was just a nice ride all around.

By the time we finished eating and boarded the boat the sun was beginning to set.  The temperature was dropping and the air was chilly. Throughout it all Chris is still holding his cup and the remains of Pinot Grigio.  There was a scramble for the life jackets and checking out the sizes.  Luckily we were all about the same size.  

We were lucky to capture the remnants of the sunset before we headed back to shore.  Compliments to the photographer.  Overall it was a great evening. A good time was had by all!



Chris the Mechanic.

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