Spending the day on his 21ft. Tahoe boat “FORESIGHT”
I bought my boat to be able to get away from the rat race, at least for one day a week. This time of solace allows me to decompress without any interruptions, by phones or otherwise.
lifestyle boat 2

The escape is necessary for the body and mind to heal itself from the harsh day to day realities of work. I no longer feel stressed on Monday mornings. After a few hours on the water,  I would normally park the boat and have a cold one with friends, some new and some old.

life style boat 1

Being on the boat is peaceful. It also allows me the opportunity’s to meet new people at the marina and allows me to share interesting stories over a cold beer.  Familiar topics of conversation are family,nutrition,vacations, retirement investments.

joe pool

The marina in Grand Prairie is a haven for all sorts of family fun, on and off the water. Picnic tables are available in the park and also cabins are available for weekly and weekend rentals.


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